Our story

We are here to help students to achieve their dreams of migration.

The Gen English Academy was founded on November 14, 2020 by K Mathew George. Academy is having an unmatched experience in the field of education with a belief that the continuous search for knowledge is the sole path to success. The main focus of the institution is to provide quality education to all.

The Academy is able to instill in students, confidence and fortitude to face new challenges that enable them to excel in their chosen field. We aim to give a comprehensive package to all and to prepare them in a highly competitive manner.

What makes us unique?

As our tagline says,
Quality matters...


Our Mission

• To widen and deepen the knowledge base of the candidates, and brighten their aptitude and skills.
• Adds value to formal education by imparting additional skills and knowledge.
• Help students to develop critical thinking abilities and a problem-solving approach.
• Emphasize development of confidence with versatility of mind.
• Prepare the individual for a life time of learning and professional growth.
• Providing Top Quality training at moderate cost.

Quality Policy

• We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic excellence and ethical conduct.
• We will update our students with latest advances in knowledge.
• Pursuing Global standards of excellence in all our endeavours in teaching.
• We firmly believe in the innate greatness of each student and we strive to ensure that we empower them to realize their potential.


Our Vision

• To provide finest quality education to all.
• Through a precisely calibrated action plan and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence with technology enabled teaching and learning, we aim to bring the best out of the students.
• We will be known nationally and internationally for High-quality faculty and a strong focus on making our youth ready for promising careers
• We are renowned for a value system with trust and empowerment at all levels.